[blackest eyes]

Hello, hello. It didn’t take me a year to post another blog post, see? Back in the saddle..kind of..a lil bit.

So, a story with this picture. I was flipping through the Destination Guide thing to try and find a good area to take a pic at..and I came across this sim called Vanguard in the Photogenic Spots section. So, I go there..and it looks amazing..looks perfect. There was only about like 2 or 3 people there inside of some base, and it’s a combat sim, so I figure it’s safe to explore around outside to check out good areas to snap a pic at. I’m sauntering merrily down a path towards the base..and I see some blonde haired space bimbo with a pink gun pop from out of a window..proceed to spaz the fuck out while shooting like 50 lazers at me..and I die. So, I go back there..and I IM them and go,”Well, that was rude.” They message me back with “You were armed.” And I just tell them I’m there just to take a picture..that’s it..and they go,”You either attack or disarm.” Then give me some sass about guns being “fashionable”..I talk back saying the sim looks nice, it’s the only nice one I can find..and they don’t have to shoot or worry about me if I’m not going to shoot back. All they could say back is “Take your pic. I just follow the RULES.” Please tell me why on EARTH that this sim is listed under “Photogenic spots” if the oh so understanding people that go there will just cap you in the head without asking why you’re there? If I wanted to kill people there I would just go there with one of my DBZ weapons and Final Flash the shit out of them. Second Life combat is a joke anyway..way too unstable of a game to have solid combat mechanics. But, it is quite a nice looking sim..so check it out..just don’t bring a gun cause you’ll get space bimbos and probably furries all butthurt.

I remember one time..my friends and I were at some club..and I was dressed up like a warrior or some shit and I had a big ass sword strapped to my back. One of the people in charge at the club IMs me and is like,”YOU CAN’T HAVE WEAPONS IN THIS CLUB, IT OFFENDS PEOPLE. PLEASE REMOVE YOUR WEAPON RIGHT NOW OR YOU WILL BE BANNED.” There can be half naked whores with their tits and ass popping out all over the place..people practically having sex through their barely any clothes..but OH NO A SWORD WHY GOD IT’S SO TERRIBLE OoOoOoo! Fuck off. One of Sithas’ Golden Rules of SL: People in clubs, RP, and combat sims are snobby, whiny, sensitive little babies.

But..yeah..regardless of that..it was a fun outfit to put together..and is mostly consisted of stuff from Tonktasic. Great place, but so expensive you might have to sell your left arm. The pistols though..phew..so sexy. They’re from Breach..and they’re mesh..the detail on them is crazy. Definitely go over there and check out their guns, way worth the money.


JACKET: Tonktastic – Connor’s Jacket
TURTLENECK: Tonktastic – Turtle Neck Sweater
GASKMASK: Tonktastic – Gask mask T-1
HOOD: Reek – Laundry Day Hoodie
HOODIE: Nomine – Noise Hoodie – Skeleton
BOOTS: Tonktastic – Resistance Boots
GLOVES: Losthaven– Vector Outlaw (store seems to be closed, sadly)
PANTS: Tonktastic – Combat Pants
GUNS: Breach – Raven
POSE: Glitterati – Keep It Moving 8



[all hail the new flesh]

WHAT’S GOING ON ALL YOU BLOGAMANIACS! Let me tell you something, brother!

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these because again..my inspiration for anything is in the pooper. I’ve been a lazy..lazy bastard and quite out of the loop in the land of Second Life considering I barely log in at all these days. There are a few looks I have made though..and will probably start doing some pics for them.

Where have I been, you may ask..or maybe you don’t..but you’ll LISTEN ANYWAY. Mostly I’ve been playing the TERRIBLE game known as APB and also rolling out with my sweet delicious loveydove on Tera. Let’s just say that APB is like the worst game ever..and I’ll leave it at that. ALTHOUGH, the customization in the game is pretty sick..it’s pretty much like..SL combined with Grand Theft Auto..sounds amazing right? Well it’s only about half amazing, barely, it’s half..half amazing. It can be strangely addicting..but it will still only make you want to take a bite out of your monitor. Tera on the other hand is pretty good, it’s not the greatest MMO in the universe..but the combat is fun..bosses are fun..graphics are sick. If you like asian style MMOs, definitely give it a try.

ANYWAYS..yeah..Second Life..this is an SL blog, right? Not really. I may actually make some more posts about other stuff if my laziness goes away, so we’ll see. I need some new places to shop on SL, so if any of you are even still reading this trash heap of a blog, feel free to send me landmarks..or notecards…or drag me around with you. There is quite a fantastic place for bulge stuff though..and that is called Newflesh. Not the biggest of selections..but dat bulge sculpt..unf.

But uhh..yeah..here’s the look info. Shoutouts to designers, keep doing your thing and MAKE MORE SHIT FOR ME TO BUY!


SKIN: Pulse – Armon
TATTOO: Garden of Ku – The Silence
OUTFIT: Graves – Defence
ARMS/HANDS: Krova – Knight/Rutabaga
HAIR: Raw House – Urban Savage 2
EARS: Hebenon Vial – Pierced! Ears (store seems to be closed, sadly)
MAKEUP: Vanity Flair – Smudged Black Eyeliner
HORNS: Illusions – Snarl
BULGE: Newflesh – Pleather Panties
EYES: Umedama Holic – Darkness eye – White Moon
NIPPLES: Mused – Full Breasts (had to unlink the nips to mod them to fit on a dood av)


[give a little]

Hello readers..if there’s any of you out there.

I’ve mostly just been rummaging around for shit to put in my skybox..it’s coming along pretty well. Still have a lot of blank walls..and could use some more furniture..but we’ll see. Y’s House, iTuTu, Off-Brand Furniture, Mudhoney..all places to check out for good stuff..Theosophy is where the lovely skybox is from. Most of the pics I’m putting up are all from deviantart..the one in the background is from here. Person does some fantastic works. Whenever I decide to take pics of the place when it’s all done I’ll give shoutouts to all those artists.

While uhh furniture shopping I went to a place called Rustica. They have this mesh fireplace there that blew my mind..it looks so damn cool and detailed..along with really nice mesh rocking chairs. But, for some reason when I right click on mesh items sometimes my game just instantly crashes. Probably my crappy video card..ah well. You peeps should go check it out though.

Anyways uhh..yeah..credit time..lalala.


HAIR: Elikatira – Leah – Black
SKIN: Plastik – Aleria – Colorless
FACEPAINT/HANDS: Plastik – Demon Fades – Aanh
EARS: Plastik – Arkenea Ears – Cute
GLASSES: Nea-Ban – Courtney Nylon
NAILS: Sensations – Mails
FACE PIERCINGS: HoD – Reach – Slide
PONCHO: Yumyum – Fur Poncho
SHIRT: Yumyum – Simple Long T
PANTS: Yumyum – BF Jeans
BOOTS: Sey – Layer’s boots
EYES: Hebenon Vial – Shadowseer Eyes – Whiteout

POSE: Vista Animations – Most Wanted AO



You know..I’m still not sure if I’m allowed to post full on nudes in this blog. But, oh well! C’est la vie.

This look is loosely based off my character in Skyrim..as I’m not longer playing my wonderful orc. As much as I wanted to be a beastly warrior wielding mighty twohanded weapons..just didn’t work out for me. So..now I’m an extremely pale Dunmer that slings lighting around and sneaks like a stalking..magical..cougar thing. It’s quite sick.

One of my problems with that game..besides the fact that I can’t have a giant she-cock flopping around..but I’m sure someone will make a mod for that eventually. Anyway, this was like my first random dragon encounter awhile ago. I was going towards a cave for a quest and OHHHH NOOO DRAGONNNN, I was like *GASP* YO LET’S DO DIS! Ran that bitch dragon down and destroyed the thing. Then I go into the cave and it was full of Falmer AKA the Gollum army, they were fuckin’ tough as hell..like 10x stronger than the dragon I fought. Two hits..I was dead..even in full plate and Oakflesh up. Further in the cave there’s some bugs..just some bugs..one hit almost kills me. It’s like…what? Aren’t dragons supposed to be mega powerful in the Elder Scrolls universe? What happened? Fighting dragons in the game just ends up being boring..but it is still cool watching them fly around and cause mayhem. Now that I made a sneaky spellcaster, I tear through things with my LIGHTNING BOLT! It’s a fun game for sure..but there’s some issues with it. The ambience alone is incredible..I could spend hours just wandering around the world. If only Second Life could have something that would give it the same feeling as like an action adventure game..would be amazing. SL already has the exploration..just needs to be less wonky.

Anyway..I would continue to rant about Skyrim but this blog post would probably go on forever. Here’s the credits..just don’t jack my witch swag completely or I’ll cast dark spells on your soul.


HAIR: Ploom – Crafty (Might have been only for an event, not sure.)
SKIN: Plastik – Aleria – Colorless
ARMS/LEGS: Plastik – Demon Fades
TATTOO: Fallen Gods – Cataclsym
NAILS: Sensations – Mails
FACE PIERCINGS: HoD – Reach – Slide
CHEST PIERCINGS: HoD – Bulletproof v3 – Slide
CROTCH PIERCINGS: HoD – Thrust v2 – Slide
NIPPLES: HoD – Lustful- Scorpion – Slide
EARS: Plastik – Arkenea Ears – Cute
COCK: 17 – Un-strapped Cock w/Sensations pubes
EYES: Hebenon Vial – Shadowseer Eyes – Whiteout
MUSCLETONE: Shallator – Female Muscle Tattoo Extreme

POSE: !Bang – Check Yourself 3


[rock the house]

And now for something completely different!

Well, not completely. I tweaked my shape a bit to fit the skin, but I have never been a big buff black man on SL before. It’s a look that I’ve been wanting to put together for awhile now. Hunting down a skin was a proper bitch. Most of the dark skins for guys are the hyper realistic ones..and those are so very..very creepy. A lot of the darker skins from the more popular male skin places are just like..super tan..and by tan I mean fuckin’ tangerine.

Man..I don’t even know what else to type..I’m out of it. Theosophy has some super nice skyboxes..I scooped one up..but I have no fuckin’ clue how to furnish it. Maybe whenever I get around to doing that I’ll take some pics.



HAIR: MADesign – Maxx – Black
SKIN: Prodigal – Dex – Choco
PANTS: BC322 – Military Pants
GLOVES: Tonktastic – Tactical Gloves – StyleB
TATTOO: Garden of Ku – Oktober Manifesto
GLASSES: Reek – Classic Aviators
FACIAL HAIR: Emortal Concepts – Chin Curtain – Goatee A Combo
EARS: Gauged – Human Ear – 1/2″
HAIRBASE: AITUI – Etched Hairbase – Egypt 004
NECKLACE: Goth1c0 – Wired Love Necklace

POSE: !Bang – Check Yourself 4


[clap your hands]


Hello my friends, my readers, my ninjas. How are you on this fine…5:30ish in the morning?

So, I’ll just start this blog post with..I hate SL. Oh..my god..do I ever hate SL. This is what’s been happening to me lately. So, I’ll be standing around some store that’s popular or some hang out spot or something..I’ll click on a link or look at a profile and BAM..game just crashes. Guess what happens when I try to log in? BAM instantly crashes aaaaggaaaiiinnnn. The only way I’ve been able to get around it is clearing cache everyyyytime or reinstalling completely. Never had any of these problems in the past using 2.0..but ever since the latest update it’s super messed up. No wonder why everyone uses Firestorm, seriously. I’m sure most of you people out there use Firestorm or Phoenix or whatever the hell it’s called now..and when you go around you’ll see EVERYONE else is using Firestorm/Phoenix..I see no one using 2.0. That’s funny to me..no one is using the main client for a game? Maybe the all-mighty Lindens should just hire the folks that work on Firestorm..cause they really need to step their shit up with that main viewer. They also need to fix that HORRIBLE UI..oh god that thing is even uglier now. If you don’t believe me..go download 2.0 and check it out, you’ll be mindfucked.

ANYWAYS..ugh..yeah..I’m trying out being a dood again. It’s about as terrible as always, but I’m managing to scrounge up some new outfits and stuff. If anyone can point me in the direction where to get good clothes..skins..accessories..fuckin’ anything for guys..hook me up. I’m sure there’s a lot of good places with guys fashion that are tucked away and not put in the spotlight, I’d like to find some of those places and give them some recognition..even though it would be pretty small cause my blog suuuuucks. SL MEN…UNITE!!! Well..not all SL men..the hipster drama queens that hang out at Buried can go suck a dick..and the giant musclebound orange Oompa Loompa Jersey Shore wannabes can go fall in a pit of acid. Or no..they can both suck dicks while falling into a pit of acid..there you go.

Gonna cut it kinda short. Take care, peeps.


HAIR: Truth – Liam – Seaspray
SKIN: Birth – Reese – Pale (Liner)
HOODIE: Reek – Laundry Day Hoodie – Gray Camo
TANK: Hermony – Tanktop – Plain Black
SWEATS: Luck Inc – Drop Crotch Short – Black
SOCKS: League – Sports Sock – Gray Line
EYES: Umedama Holic – Most Eye – Moss
EARS: Gauged – Human Ear – 1/2″ (Stretcher 3)
PIERCINGS: HoD – Crux – Slide
STUBBLE: Trailerstar – Mutton Chops V2 – Light
CIG: Hermony – Ultimate Cigarette
NECKLACE: ViGo Creations – Aries
BOOTS: Defectiva – Combat Boots
SCAR: HX – RoarkScar
GLOVES: Super Possessed – Engineer
TATTOO: Garden of Ku – The Silence

POSE: !Bang – Check Yourself 6
SIM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ashveil/75/130/1001


[run devil run]

Guess who’s back in the mother fuckin’ house.

Yeahhh, it’s been awhile..my SL fire just hasn’t be stoked these days. My motivation is just completely in the garbage and I’m just sad. Why I’m sad I won’t go into on here. But, with my motivation..it’s like being trapped in a cage that I built around myself, it sucks and is pulling me down in more than just SL things. Like seriously..I bought Skyrim..which is where that look up there was inspired from mostly, and I’ve barely even touched it..that’s how bad it is. I’m not sure if I could kick my own ass..but I may have to try or one of you readers out there might have to help me with that..if anyone even still reads this fuckin’ thing. I am going to try and update more..and get back into the loop. Still need to fuckin’ learn how to do good poses and 3D modeling. *grummble grummble*

Orcs are badass. Whether it be from Warhammer or WoW or LOTR..evil orcs, good orcs..orcs ORCS ORRRRKKKZZZ! *ahem* You don’t see that many people with looks like this on SL..you get the bimbos, the nekos, the vampires, the day one black guy in that suit with a large afro. The usual. There’s plenty of elves..mmm..delicious elf flesh with a nice side of fava beans. Anyways, I think I’ve seen like..three other people with orc avatars..one of them is my friend and her’s is REALLY good. It would be nice to see more obscure and different fantasy races and avatars wandering around. I mean you can still be a normal humanish person thing and be unique..no doubt..but having green skin is pretty tight.

I don’t even know what else to blog about right now, tbh. My blog is mad boring..I gotta change that somehow. Anyway, credits HOOOO!


HAIR: 99Elephants – Iekelene
SKIN: Plastik – Ataciara – Forest
JACKET: AOHARU – Roll Up Riders
TANK: Luck Inc – Loose Tanktop
PANTS: DeeTalez – Extreme Lowrise Jeans
BELT: Epic – Thin Spiked Belt
EYES: Plastik – MaleficusCollection-Mara-Oro
EARS: Plastik – Arkenea Ears – Cute
EYEPATCH: Sinistyle – Eye Patch
HAIRBASE: AITUI – Etched – Egypt 004
TEETH: Angel’s Body Parts – Sculpted Teeth for Female Orc
MUSCLES: Shallator – Female Muscle Tattoo Extreme
BAT: Primitive Designs – Action Bat
SCAR: HX – RoarkScar
GLOVES: Super Possessed – Operative 11
TATTOO: Hybrid Prod – Runesnakes

POSE: Medusa Creations – Executor Standing 4
SIM: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dead%20End/36/85/1061